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    RedSparrows wrote:
    The most recent Pirates of the Caribbean.


    Absolutely fucking awful. Contemptibly bad. Pacing was dire. Script was pathetic. Characters were flimsy, repetitive or plain pointless (Christian guy. What?). Story was rubbish, and the 'oh let's make it convoluted, that's funny!' shtick was SHIT in the 'original' trilogy, and it's utterly tiresome here.

    I went in expecting a stupid and fun film. I did not expect something offensively bad.
    Last weekend I was at my folk's house and they put Pirates 4 on to show off their new HDTV. I don't know how it ended because I had resorted to reading the Daily Mail. That's how bad Pirates 4 is; reading the Daily Mail is the more preferable activity.

    I'm positive that they write the screenplays for this crap using that writing game involving each person doing one page of a story and not knowing what's gone on before. The character motives and allegiances flip-flop constantly.

    1/10 (for the one minute that Keith Richards was in it)
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