#8486328, By terminalterror Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    kalel wrote:
    Red State

    Quite a surprising film for me. Somehow it didnít quite hang together but it did give me a newfound respect for Kevin Smith, who I previously considered a massive one-note fluke of a nobface. Itís actually a very brave film, that doesnít quite work, but still worth a watch I reckon.

    Very good performance from the preacher guy as well.

    It would have been an even braver film if they had stayed with the stand off being interrupted by the massively loud noises that all the nutters mistook for being God, and actually had it been God (or at least totally unexplained). For a while when watching the film (given how many shifts in tone it had already taken) I thought they might really be going with it which would have been really awesome.
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