#8604718, By wizbob Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    I wenr to see The Hunger Games and I have no regrets. It's an ugly and unimaginative film but the Battle Royale centrepiece is gripping enough.The premise is a nonsensical mish-mash of the Handmaid's Tale and Battle Royale but without the depth of ideas (e.g. religion or WWII influences). As a polemic against reality TV it is so weak as to almost come off as pro- rather than anti-. Charlie Brooker did it much better in Dark Mirror.

    The set design, costumes and music are among the worst I've ever come across in a big-budget feature film. There is some unintentional humour though, and some interesting homophobic and red-vs-blue state subtexts. Jennifer Lawrence is great, Woody Harrelson hams it up and Donald Sutherland phones it in. The best bits remind me of Logans Run, Rollerball and Starship Troopers (without the humour). The worst bits are like Xena Warrior Princess, Twilight or Battleship Earth.
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