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    Blaketown wrote:
    joelstinton wrote:
    Super 8. A fantastic going to the cinema what blockbusters should be film for the family.
    Just wondered why they marketed it at the 12 A audience. I wonder if the frightnening nature of some ideas/scenes it was always going to be a 12 so they just threw in a few bits like the stoner because they could. Its cleary a family film in the vien of ET, Honey i shrunk the kids, Short circuit etc.

    As with just about every big budget film these days it's pure number crunching. You lose the teenage market if it is a PG, you lose the younger kids if it goes any higher than a 12a. A big budget film will always be a 12a. Regardless of what's best for the story.

    On that note, do we know what certificate Prometheus is yet?

    Prometheus is a 15.
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