#8724393, By terminalterror Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    captainrentboy wrote:
    The Raid 90%
    As everyone is already aware, the plot could be written on the back of a stamp. It's simple but does the job for this type of film, it even had a couple of twists and turns along the way.
    The fight sequences of course are a different matter. Easily the most complex, bone crunching, fantastically shot movie fights I've seen in years. No shaky cam, no rapid editing, just pure easy to watch fisticuff carnage. The only thing that's come close recently for me was Undisputed 3, and that was a straight to DVD jobby. Hollywood need to take notes, this is how you shoot action.
    It was indeed amazing. However, it did have quite a bit of shaky cam (not the super mental shaky cams you often get, but also not steadicam or mounted equivilent). You could still see what was going on because it didn't have rapid cutting, but it could well have been even better with a still camera too. Then again, maybe it wouldn't, I'm not a cinematographer.
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