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    The ongoing Prometheus reviews: part 1264: -

    Just got back from IMAX Waterloo from the midnight showing. Incredible presentation - the best 3D experience, highly recommended. Now onto the film...hmmm...

    I felt the characterisation was hugely underdeveloped. Fassbender has been praised for his role and while good, really just highlights the lack of depth from his colleagues. Theron could've been removed from the film without any great loss to the story and much of the teaser promos released promised story depth that failed to materialise.

    Key points feel linked to provide coherence and while clever in places, in others feel clumsy. A shame, because without the provenance of the Alien universe, this would have been a good film to stand on it's own. Ultimately, a slightly muddled premise.

    Well worth watching on IMAX and in 3D and for me, perhaps a second look in HD, but more risk taking is needed with storyline - and not the continual nod to a potential sequel...

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