#8772898, By famous_roy Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    I really need to do these more frequently, ah well, here's the latest batch

    Prometheus 4/10 - An incoherent, directionless mess. Belittles the Alien legacy with a nonsensical plot that seems to lose interest in itself every 5 minutes so tries something else ad infinitum. Tragic waste of a franchise.

    Avengers 6/10 - Scarlett Johannson. Hulk, smash.

    Moonrise Kingdom 6/10 - Wes Anderson is kooky, his films are so kooky. This is fine, but substance would also be nice.

    Drive 9/10 - A hypnotic and beautiful experience. Great cast, fast moving, eventful story. It's like the creators know a film needs a narrative and characters or something!

    Hugo 4/10 - Looks like a perfume advert. A child would lose interest in about 10 minutes, there's nowhere near enough focus for adults, who is this film for?!

    Alien 9/10 - Re-watched on Blu-Ray before seeing Prometheus. A masterpiece in every sense of the word, believable crew, focused story, beautiful design.
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