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    RabidChild wrote:
    Over the last week I've watched the four Alien films. I've seen Aliens fairly recently, but I had not seen the others for a very long time. I have changed my opinion on almost all of them.

    Alien - 6/10
    The alien world and the beast are amazing. The characters are hateful, and it's quite boring for a long time. Why does Ripley spend ages trying to save her cat? Stupid Ripley.

    Aliens - 7/10
    Again, I hate the characters, especially the kid. Ugh. Bishop's ok though, and Ripley is less of a tit. The macho marine crap is irritating. But there is some great action, and the queen vs power lifter Ripley is so awesome.

    Alien 3 - 5/10
    This was a bit better than I remember. It's also way campier than I remember. Charles Dance and Brian Glover deliver their lines like Richard Obrien in Rocky Horror. It's definitely the worst one, but it wasn't quite as bad as I remember. I wasnt looking forward to watching it, but it kept me entertained enough.

    Alien Resurrection - 8/10
    Controversially, I think this is the best one. I understand why Alien fans don't agree, as it has a completely different vibe than the other films. It's played less straight. It has a graphic novel feeling to it - the characters are exaggerated, the Jeunet direction is a bit whimsical. Unlike the other three films, it has characters I care about, and it's fun! The human alien is mooky, though.

    In summary, I think the Alien films are carried by the beast itself. The Giger sets and monsters are just incredible, and the parasitic life cycle is great. The films themselves aren't all that, though. Especially the first one. I kept wondering if it would have had the same impact if the creature design wasn't so good.

    Brain... can't... compute.

    /Goes Ash
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