#8853548, By Demikaze Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    Quarantine 2 - Netflix - 8/10

    Didn't have much hope for this; a horror sequel to Quarantine, a Hollywood re-make of REC, that branches off on its own disregarding the plot of REC 2, and loses the whole 'found footage' schtick? Sounds like a finger-lickin' recipe for a saucepan of boiling faeces.

    Mid-flight, some passengers start showing flu-like symptoms. And it escalates. In a bloody sortaway. And just from the way the interior of the plane is shot, you know you're not in for your typical straight-to-DVD fare.

    It's good. It's not particularly frightening, but it is actually pretty well-acted with a lead actress who at first grates as the one-note eye candy, but soon comes into her own. If anything, that's what surprised me - a lot of the characters are at least a bit rounded (before being brutally killed). 
    I recommend mainly because it tries, at the very least, to avoid tired clichés the best it can. And that's hard to find in a horror film.
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