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    I absolutely loved this, it's about a man who begins to experience his life out of chronological sequence. One day he's 24, the next 8, the next 92 etc.

    Reviews have likened it to Memento and the Time Traveller's Wife, I don't think it's much like Memento, I loved Memento but think this is even better - more profound and you really root for the main character. It's full of hope, happiness, sadness and despair. I was a mess by the end, awesome.

    It has got flaws, the pacing can seem a little disjointed although I guess that's down to the subject matter. The ending seemed to surprise some on IMDB going off the reviews but we predicted it fairly early on. However the film as a whole was riveting, and the wife and I both loved it.

    I don't think it's even getting a cinematic release, which is a huge shame, it's a beautifully made film. Highly recommended. I'll be amazed if the writer / director Kurt Kuenne doesn't go on to do great things.


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