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    kalel wrote:
    I think there's a fundamental flaw at the heart of the trilogy which is that it takes itself too seriously, and that makes the things like his silly voice and stupid plot points jar more than they should. These things would slip past easily in a more "comic book" type film, but because this is gritty realism you question it, and rightly so.
    I'll second that with a small amendment. They became more "real" as the series progressed. As I think I've said. BB Gotham is a comic book city. Look at "The Hollows" (was it)? Or the skyrail. Or the Art Deco stylings of the CGI'd buildings.

    Compare that to TDKR whwre Gotham is Manhattan. Things I could forgive in the first film just become laughable in TDKR. I literally snorted out loud when Gordon dropped that important gizmo on the truck.

    Still, as an action flick it was OK. Bit long but I tend to find most films a bit long nowadays.
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