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    Steak Land - 6/10

    A vampire film which is not very scary, not very gory and not partially suspenseful or exciting. Yet it's quite strangely compelling.

    It seems to be a mixture of a number of different films. The main vampire hunter reminds me of Whistler from Blade. The plot is a mix of Zombieland and I Am Legend and the voiceover and teen character reminded me of Terminator 3 for some strange reason.

    It takes itself very seriously and the low budget plays in it's favour. It's got a great scene where a community gets torn apart in quite a unique way. Kelly Mcgillis shows up for a while and serves no real purpose to the story.

    It's got a few good ideas in there. Using vampire teeth as currency and there's a religious brotherhood that always seem to show up in post-apocalyptic films.

    However, all said and done, it's a slight above average watch. S'okay.

    As for the last Resi film, it was great when Mila was in her underwear at the start.

    Edit: Just watching a bit of Silent House on Netflix US. I've seen it before. Olsen's tits are fucking sensational!

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