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    GuiltySpark wrote:
    LeoliansBro wrote:
    People like TDKR because TDK was a good film (and BB was a better film) and this has the same actors wearing the same clothes.

    On its own merits it would be seen as an OK film but a very poor cousin of the first two. As it is everyone is willing to cut it some slack given its pedigree.
    It's sad that the general rabble can't differentiate between the goodness of Batman Begins and the clunkiness of TDKR.

    I guess this is how Resident Evil/Paranormal Activity/Saw films keep getting made.
    I didn't understand the spate of 10/10s following TDKR's release. It kinda sucked.* Compared to its predecessor, anyway. To be fair though, Cotillard's death scene was a masterstroke

    *it was ok

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