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    Twilight Samurai

    My favourite samurai film ever.


    edit: SYNOPSIS - a low-ranking samurai works hard to support his family. Despite being a samurai, his daily duties involve being a sort of accountant for his clan.

    He abhors violence - not because he's a pacifist, but because violence has a tendency to kill people, and he doesn't want to leave his daughters without a provider.

    BUT of course stuff happens and Mr. Samurai is called on to use his rusty skills to kill.

    Don't expect katanas chopping limbs left and right. It's mostly a character study of Twilight, the titular Samurai. It's also about the tension between individuality (Twilight, unlike the people that surround him, can think for himself), familial devotion, and the demands of a rigidly codified existence in Japanese society.

    It's a good story is what I'm saying.

    There are two fights, and they are tense and beautifully choreographed. So there's violence, and it is good.

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