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    It's a wonderful Life

    Watched for the first time over christmas, and don't really understand why this film is considered a christmas classic; sure christmas is mentioned in the finale, but you could probably replace it with any occasion where families get together and the film would have been as excellent.


    The 13th Amendment aka Lincoln

    My guess is that the original script was about how the 13th amendment came to pass through the house, but realizing not many people would be interested in seeing such a film they tacked on some small amounts of Licoln stuff, without giving much insight into his character.
    Now I generally enjoy the discussing/haggling/bribing/blackmailing that goes on behind the scenes, but here it was all rather muted and I've seen it done a lot better elsewhere (The West Wing e.g.).
    The cast was excellent, it looked pretty good, but the script was poor and the music was overly dramatic.

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