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    @LeoliansBro The Lord of the Rings wasn't 3 books to begin with. Tolkien never wrote it with three books in mind. The publisher split it. But all three have (mostly by accident) a rough beginning, middle and end. With Return of the King being the biggest payoff. They changed the order of events told to suit this.

    All of the films you mentioned were meant as a trilogy from the start.
    The Hobbit is one book; albeit a long one. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. It should never have been made into three 3 hour long films. Two at best. He should have made the two he planned on, then put all the extra stuff into the extended editions. So although you're wrong on the trilogy theory, you're right on the filler point.
    Even Tolkien put all his filler in at the end as appendices. Which was very, very welcome, but putting it in throughout the books would have dragged the whole thing out.
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