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    DUFFMAN5 wrote:
    The Amazing Spiderman

    One big concern to me was the fact he did not shoot out his own webs, can a fan of the comics let me know why that was, I always thought the webs come from him!
    This was one thing that annoyed me about the original Spidey films. In the comics, he makes his own webbing, being a science genius. The spider bite gave him the weight ratio strength and bordering on pre-cognition reflexes. Everything else he did himself. He taught himself to fight in the wrestling ring, which was also where his name came from. (At least they got that right in the original film.)

    I have to say I really enjoyed The Amazing Spiderman. Much more true to the comics (apart from his mum and dad) and I thought Garfield was a great Parker. Suffered from the lack of a good baddie, but The Dark Knight (for all it's other faults) has set the bar way too high for anything else to compare.

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