#9293714, By CaptainKid Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    Dredd. 65/100

    I was pleasantly surprised I could stomach to watch a new film in it's entirety.
    Most of the time I turn it off because I get annoyed or bored. (Skyfall for example)
    I love Dredd, but maybe you should try something outside the realm of the action-orientated blockbuster?

    Jaded gamers go down the classic/indie route - perhaps you could do the same with films?
    Meh. Don't like indy artsy farty.
    I like good commercial easy to watch action or adventure.
    Like Die hard (NOT 4), Lethal weapon (NOT 4), Indy (NOT 4) Star Wars (NOT 4,5,6). To bad that does not get made anymore..
    You don't like Star Wars 4,5 & 6? Who are you? Get off my internets you strange and freaky person.
    4,5,6 are the newer ones off course.
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