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    Dredd 3D

    First time I've watched it since the cinema and it's just as awesome second time around on a small screen.

    One noticeable difference is that when I left the cinema I couldn't wait for more, now having seen the Blu-ray I'm a little sad that Dredd 2 will probably never happen.

    Sure the plot is thin but as a day in the life of Dredd it's exactly what the plot should be - simple, perp breaking action.

    I read a lot of reviews on Imdb.com with people giving similar scores.
    I don't understand how you can give Dredd a 9.

    If you give Dredd a 9, what do you give Aliens and Robocop?
    This makes no sense.

    Surely it's a 9/10 Dredd film.
    What's that got to do with Aliens or Robocop?
    A 9/10 Dredd film does make sense??
    Especially since there only have been 2 (as far as I know)

    I thought we were rating films in general, so you compare films to other films and rate them relatively from each other.

    You can't give Dredd a 9 since Aliens or Robocop which are clearly MUCH better films can get at most a 10 (99%)

    This is not an opinion this is a fact.
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