#9305075, By oldschoolsoviet Rate the last film you watched out of 100

  • oldschoolsoviet 19 Jan 2013 15:25:23 6,466 posts
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    Detachment - 9/10

    From trailers it looked like a black humoured comical affair, and instead I found an interesting and slightly heavy drama. Definitely a recommended watch. Best thing I've watched in ages.

    End of Watch - 6/10

    Cops. Doing cop stuff. Brotherhood and that. Meh.

    The Hobbit and whatever subtitle or sub heading this particular division has - 8/10

    Think I read it at an early age, and bits and bobs came flooding back as I watched this, so that helped along with being a sucker for fantasy. Wasn't exactly keen on the forced humour points ("That'll do it" /rollseyes), the pervading darkness throughout, and thon fight through the mine/lair was far too cluttered and busy for tired eyes.
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