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    Tonka wrote:
    The Matrix
    A true classic. Hasn't aged one bit. This will be around long after people have forgottenabout Lincoln or Life of Pi.

    It took me back to 1999 when I forst saw it and how completely revolutionary it was. So many things it did for the first time in a western mainstream film.

    I tried to think of a film that has done something similar since and couldn't come up with one. It's also funny to see how Inception riffs on the Matrix but is a much worse film because of no originality.

    Everything (including Keanu) is top notch

    A must see
    Rally? I mean, I love the film, but I do find it extremely dated. Not in terms of the effects or action or anything, I agree those are still top notch. But the trenchcoats, shades, techno, giant boots, leather and rubber outfits, and the whole 'hacker' thing all feel really millenial to me.

    Still great though. And even leaving bullet time aside, its very influential. I think every film since with a hint of alternate reality about it has been called 'the new matrix'
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