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    The Double - 5/10

    Distinctly average spook film in which the CIA and FBI team up to catch a Soviet assassin who resurfaces suddenly after 20 years.

    This is the sort of film that would get shown on TV on a Saturday afternoon after an episode of Columbo. It's not bad, just very average and a bit bland despite having some great ideas.

    The hunt for the assassin has a No Way Out kind of vibe to it. What this film does have going for it is that there is a stunningly obvious plot twist that you can pretty much guess right from the go. It delivers this 'twist' very early on so you're wondering where it's going to go next. Then there's another twist which changes the film from a hunt into a came of cat-and-mouse.

    The final twist though is so utterly ridiculous it's totally laughable. It's almost at the end of the film though so you don't have to sit through it too much longer.

    One of those films that's 'watchable' meaning it won't bore you to death and keeps you vaguely interested but does nothing else. Instantly forgettable fodder that's no that entertaining. If you were watching this with a hangover from hell you probably wouldn't bother switching the channel.

    Red Lights - 7/10

    Decent thriller that's worth a watch about a group of physicists who investigate a world renowned psychic who they think to be a fraud.

    The less you know abut this film when you see it the better. It's got a good script, a terrific cast and a gripping plot.

    I'm too tired to do a full review of this and I want to watch Sand Sharks.

    It's good. Watch it. you may well like it.
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