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    My knowledge of film history amounts to shit, so I thought it was impressive that a film so bleak would be released so soon after the end of US military involvement in Vietnam.

    I do agree that many parts of Deer Hunter seem dated, overly dramatic and contrived. I think the racism in DH is run-of-the-mill stereotyping, and not extraordinary for a war movie. Contemporary films contain worse examples of casual racism than the Deer Hunter did (e.g. Machine Gun Preacher. Shitty film, bad comparison, but it popped to mind so I decided to mention it).

    Anyway I'm not aware of any decent Vietnam films aside from Platoon (which is trite and overindulgent compared to Deer Hunter, IMO), Full Metal Jacket and Apocalypse Now (which was also an indulgent, wasteful, 'auteur' film). Though I do grant that Apocalypse Now is leagues ahead of Deer Hunter. It's superb, and google just informed me that it was released in 1979.

    Anyway 9 is probably too generous, but I was captivated and moved, so fuck it.

    I heard Bridge on the River Kwai was decent, but my knowledge of Viet films ends there.

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