#9336618, By Rate the last film you watched out of 100

  • Deleted user 31 January 2013 15:07:42
    V/H/S 5%

    Quite possibly the biggest piece of shit I seen since I flushed the toilet after eating at nandos. Absolutely no redeeming characters Each story was crap and the effects used to make it seem like a old video were rubbish.

    Sinister 69%

    Enjoyed more the second time watching it. Basic ghost'em up with some great sound work and the super 8 tapes were great. Definitely had its moments but wrapped up a little too quickly.

    Looper 92%

    Probably my favorite film of last year. Absolutely excellent stuff. Love the overall shite quality of the future and the small things like the eye-drop drugs, the amount of vagrants and the blunderbuss.

    Ted 50%

    Another word with three letters is Meh.
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