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  • Deleted user 1 February 2013 11:03:52
    LeoliansBro wrote:
    What CGI is there in Event Horizon? Apart from the black circle in the core?

    Edit: And the floaty stuff at the beginning, I guess.
    Mainly the floaty stuff and the black inky stuff. Like I say there's not much so didn't bother me too much. Oh, plus the empty eye sockets.

    Me and my mate debate it's merits of awesomeness with him just thinking it's alright. I just love the idea even if it wasn't always executed brilliantly the thought of this vessel out in deep space crossing into hell. A brilliant merging of sci-fi and religious horror. A bit like doom in that respect.* Made the wife watch it with me and it still had the ability to make her squirm. She is a wimp mind you :-P

    *not the film, that WAS gash.
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