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    evild_edd wrote:
    Feel it's a bit of a stretch for this to be being considered in the Best Picture category though. Felt a little lightweight for that IMHO.

    Still recommended though.

    The sheer nail-biting suspense of it, coupled with the humour (the events portrayed are absurd, and the film totally acknowledges that), won me over completely.

    The more I think about it, the more I'm tempted to call it a minor masterpiece. It's rare that someone can make a politically charged 'true story' without becoming po-faced, taking sides*, or becoming bogged down in details.
    Also, it's not often you see a film where the protagonist is a secret agent but doesn't pew pew.

    *Calling Argo 'apolitical' is a stretch, but its portrayal of the Islamic Revolutionists is restrained. They still come off as cunty, though, which I think is fair.

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