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    imamazed wrote:
    Got my finger on the pulse with this one:

    Django Unchained

    A disappointment tbh. Far too long, disjointed, and pretty flawed in terms of storyline. Lenny D and Christoph Waltz do a great job with their performances and they remain entertaining throughout. But so many of the other characters are under developed and uninteresting. Sam Jackson's character is like something out of a sitcom. And QT's cameo is, well, bizarre. The first 90 minutes or so are great, and I enjoyed many individual scenes in the film, but as a whole it's a bit of a mess. Also, as an aside, I wasn't offended by the over the top violence in any way, but it certainly didn't work for me. It seemed very out of place at times.

    Agree with your comments, but 2/10 seems a tad low. I'd go for 6.5/10 (my main criticisms would be aimed at about the last third of the film - ie length, poor story-telling, QT's appearance, etc).
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