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    Silver Linings Playbook

    This film was never really on my radar, but the amount of people on here that were watching and enjoying it, coupled with the Oscar nods made me intrigued.

    Watched it last night with my wife, and we both really enjoyed this.

    Bradley Cooper showed some real acting chops (I actually thought he was very good in Limitless too), Jennifer Lawrence was great, and their chemistry was fantastic, really believable. In fact, all the performances were top-notch, and it was refreshing to watch a film and give a shit about every single character.

    It was also really great to see De Niro in a serious role, and actually give a 'proper' performance; I actually believed he cared about this role, and it doesn't feel like I've been able to say that about him for a long, long time.

    As I'm getting older I'm starting to appreciate happy endings more (I used to want everything to end all doom and gloom, and be 'realistic') and I was really glad this film panned out that way. The final scene where he starts by saying he loves Sundays again made me very happy, I truly cared for the two main characters and really wanted them to be be happy. Maybe it's because of my own fucked up family issues, but it was just really nice to see them all so happy at the end of the film

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