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    In order of last to first, watched Fargo last night.

    Fargo 9/10

    Very good, would have been an 8 if it weren't for Buscemi I feel.

    Childs Play 6/10

    Believe it or not I have never seen a childs play movie. My GF said I had to see it as it was a horror classic! Not so sure but very watchable. Quite funny by todays standards but I can see how it would have been a scary prospect at the time of release. BTW I don't consider 6/10 a bad score, above average

    DeathProof 8/10

    A little strange for the first 40mins but like most of Tarantino' work, I think thats why I like it. Kurt played it well I have to say

    Django 9/10

    Want to give it a 10 but I think very few films deserve a 10/10 so might have to get it on BluRay before I make that decision. I'm very aware that i'm strange :)

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