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  • Deleted user 15 February 2013 12:52:47
    nickthegun wrote:
    Madder-Max wrote:
    Toyt story has 2 main characters with a secondary and tertiary subset of supporting characters. This has 5 main characters and a stack of additional ones. Its too much at once which limits the impact.

    Heros duty is not a concept that will stand onit own due to borrowing from COD, Halo and gears. The issue sugar rush has is there are stacks of racers like it and how will a game actually work where only one charater can use a glitch power as an advantage?
    I think you are using your limited grasp on cinematic method to over-analyse the wrong parts of the movie.
    Wtf? Whatev's bruv. If you are trying to take something to market u have to be clear and concise on what it actually is and not overload the potential consumer.

    As a film in its own right it is highly entertaining. My point was not based on cinematic method or whatever but simple marketing.

    Oh and about step up films. Every one is exactly the same story where they solve problems by prancing around like ninnys.

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