#9374600, By Max_Powers Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    Skyfall 5/10


    - Has classic animal pit/shark tank sequence
    - Javier Bardem's villain was promising


    - Lacked any sense of urgency
    - Javier Bardem's character should have been let loose more
    - Ridiculous and distracting product placement. Cars, drinks, phones even bloody heavy Caterpillar equipment! Too many shots in this movie were just there to show a logo or product.
    - Stylistically the lighting was hit & miss. Macao & Shanghai worked but in the final church scene everbody looked like they were burnt to crisp on a beach in Marbella for 2 weeks. Too much orange & teal overall.

    Finally, the "it's a different world out there and you're antiquated" theme I found very tiresome.

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