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    Priest - If only Dredd had half of the futurism and design of this/10

    A word of warning, this is an awful film. Amongst the worst of the worst. The script ? Straight from the Scriptwriting Cliché 101 Handbook. Acting ? Hahahaha. Story ? Typical rogue good guy buddies up and saves the world.

    It's part Equilibrium, part vampire flick, where vampires are a separate species who've been at war with man for ages. Cue the Church taking rule of a post apocalyptic world, über-trained Priests the deciding force in the conflict, and mankind is herded into giant totalitarian walled cities for 'protection'. Outside, the vampire hives are sanctified, with the few survivors kept imprisoned in reservations (why keep some alive ?), and Western-style settlers are trying to build frontier lives away from the watchful Church.

    One of these families is attacked, and wouldn't you know it, they have a relative who happens to be a Priest, war hero ahoy, discarded and feared by society, who defies the Church, teams up with the local sheriff, and sets off to rescue the girl........

    Oh, it's an interesting concept, the design and production decent, but it doesn't matter when the rest of it is horseshit........but bear with it and it'll still entertain. The action has a few choice shots, fights are good, jet-powered bikes are good, and the overriding feeling that this could've been a "Dredd hunts a bounty across the Cursed Earth" stays throughout. When something this poor has enough money to look better and more realised than Dredd, it does make you wonder.

    With all the petty arguing above, I present to you a possibility for a 1/10 score. Probably a 5 for moi, purely for the ideas and presentation. And the classic line:
    */mother and young child in elevator with Priest
    Child: Mommy, what's that on his face ?
    /points to cross tattoo
    Child: Did it hurt ?
    /doors open, mother drags child out, scourns child
    Mother: Children shouldn't talk to Priests !
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