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    Django Unchained

    Il keep it brief.

    Absolutely loved it. Every minute of it. So many stand out performances (with the exception cruelly of Jamie Foxx aka Django, felt a tad wooden). Samuel L Jackson, Leo DiCaprio (the scene with the skull wowzers) but hats off to Mr. Waltz. A performance well deserved of the Oscar. I literally cannot take my eyes of him much like in Inglorious Basterds.

    I don't really get the criticism regarding the final 30 minutes, I found the whole film well paced.

    I know there has also been polarising opinions of the music. I thought it was excellent. One moment in particular when the hip hop song comes on as Django is riding next to the slaves on the way to Candyland. I thought it was a master stroke and did illicit a stupid grin on my face. Such is the talent of QT that he can put a song from an entirely different era and still give it relevance.

    Enough gushing.

    10/10 and I may go see it again.

    Oh and the biggest laugh for me was the end when Django told the woman slave to say goodbye to Miss Candy then the over the top gun shot sends her through the door. Awesome.
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