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    Had a Brian De Palma double bill recently. I think he's always been underrated and I really don't get the hate that some people have for him. He by and large hits and misses a lot but when he does get it right, he's brilliant.

    I know he's trying to do Hitchcock sometimes and he's nowhere near close but he seems to be the only director that's prepared to have a go. He's great with the camera and seems to be a bit over-loving of big bombastic film scores. He does sometimes try a bit too hard to throw audiences off though. Looking forward to seeing Passion sometime this year.

    Anyhow, to the films.

    Body Double - 8/10

    Certainly one of his better films. One of those twisty-turny plots which isn't that predictable at all. I've not seen this for years and totally forgot about the cameo from Frankie Goes To Hollywood!.

    I think the cinematic score for this is superb. He also nails his setup shots where key characters walk and out of frame. Specifically the shopping mall scene which is really well done.

    I liked this a lot.

    Carrie - 6/10

    It's not really aged that well to be honest. The film is saved by the performances of Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie. However, THAT scene always manages to get to me. I'm quite intrigued by the remake but that's all.

    Going to watch me a few more of his films methinks although I'll probably skip Mission To Mars :-) Femme Fatale also has the best trailer ever.

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