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    kalel wrote:
    The Blind Side

    I would not normally watch a film like this, but I remember it being rated at the time and picking up Oscars and nominations and such, plus a guy I know it obsesses with it, so thought I'd score some browny points at the weekend and sit through it with the Mrs.

    It is the most bludgeoning mawkish film I have ever sat through. It is almost like watching a study in sentimentality - testing just how many buttons it can press before the audience pukes. It is patronising, manipulative, predictable, maudin and wallows in how despicably wonderful all its characters are. It is also frankly racist (both to black and white people), and assumes absolutely no level of intelligence on behalf of its audience whatsoever.

    It's hard to express how much I despised this film. It represents the absolute worst of American cinema. Brainless popcorn flicks I can handle, but self-congratulating worthy preachy disingenuous crap like this really makes my blood boil.

    0/10 - but even that doesn't communicate how much you shouldn't see this. It isn't just a bad film, it's an evil film. It does damage. It is harmful.
    It's a true story you know.
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