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    Accepted - 6/10

    Annoying twat 'hacker from DH4' gets rejected on all of his college applications, and to avoid embarrassment and harassment from his parents, decides to make his own college with friends in a derelict psych hospital. Then real students, the other rejects, start showing up, tuition money in hand.....

    Great turn from Lewis Black, everything else standard teen comedy.

    God Bless America - 9/10

    The tone is set within the first minute. You'll either turn off in disgust, or cackle madly at the preposterous opening.

    Frank is Frank. Divorced, fired, and diagnosed with a fatal brain tumour, he decides to set out and solve all of the problems with society as he sees fit.....by going postal. Gloriously black and violent indie, that'll definitely be appreciated by more than a few folk here.

    For the record, I laughed.

    The Guilt Trip - ohchristshaddup/10

    Thought I'd give this Seth Rogen comedy a shot. Didn't realise Barbara Streisland played his mother. Didn't realise I could only tolerate six minutes of her incessant, verbal diarrhoea spewing, Jewish mother role.

    So bloody annoying, I gave up on the kitchen scene with her friends. Arrgh, my poor ears !
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