#9530376, By Mola_Ram Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    Dead Ball - holy fuck what did I just watch this is the best thing ever / 10

    A Japanese boy kills his grandfather by pitching a baseball really, really fast into his face and exploding him. Because of this terrible accident, he vows to NEVER PLAY BASEBALL AGAIN.

    Except of course he is forced to by evil forces who will kill his friends if he doesn't join the local team. There are assorted plots involving nazis, robots, nazi robots, deadly schoolgirls, and magical cigarettes.

    It might seem like I'm spoiling the plot, but the plot doesn't really matter anyway. It's the funniest, most bonkers movie I've seen in ages. Sort of in the same vein as RoboGeisha. But I liked this a lot more than RoboGeisha.
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