#9547312, By mikeck Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    @mikeck Is the original any good then? I've never bothered with it.
    The Driver 1978 is amazing. Fun trivia: the game Driver had a tutorial level in a garage. Its a direct lift from a scene in this movie. Also, greatest car chases ever. Nothing comes close.

    Drive 2011 takes a lot of inspiration from it. Also a good film.

    Drive 1998 is a really fun American martial arts film. Marc Dacascos is sorely underestimated.

    Are we covered?
    Think we need to add the Sylvestor Stallone/Renny Harlin actioner Driven 2001 to the list maybe?
    And to confuse things further Drive (2011) was based on a book, and the sequel to that book is also called Driven :D
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