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  • Deleted user 5 May 2013 19:29:44
    Graveland wrote:
    In my opinion, this is how the Marvel movies rank in order of greatness (best to worst):

    X-Men > Spiderman 1 > X-Men 2 > Spiderman 3 > Wolverine > X-Men 3 > Iron Man > Captain America > X-Men First Class > Avengers Assemble > Thor > Iron Man 2

    I haven't seen any of The Hulk movies. His character was utterly retarded in the Avengers movie, so I feel no inclination to waste around 4 hours of my life watching the 2 Hulk films.
    I knoiw what he's done. The list is back to front! Obviously!!! Right? If not then he has no right to ever comment on anything ever again.

    Ang lees hulk is is the best, up until that shtoopid ending. The other one is alright and a good romp.
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