#9552450, By damagedinc Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    Dgzter wrote:
    Cloud Atlas - 9/10
    I went into this knowing that it had massively polarized critics, that it was very long (3 hours) and that it had numerous separate plotlines (style/setting/period). I'd love to know what others thought, and I imagine it will have drawn a lot of criticism along the lines of being overly convoluted, new-agey, post-modern wank (etc.) but for what it is worth I absolutely loved it.

    It really worked for me. I felt invested in all of the intertwining narratives, I enjoyed the ensemble cast and performances, and it is truly beautiful to watch. I'd definitely recommend it, but perhaps best watched when you have quite a bit of free time one evening (and possible a bottle of vino).
    Really enjoyed it aswell. Great score and some of the best editing i have ever seen.
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