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  • Deleted user 12 May 2013 01:15:15
    Man of Steel 9/10

    Small rant: Must confess my enjoyment of this was marred by some stupid woman sat next to me making notes on her ipad throughout the film.

    But (spoiler free)


    I'm not really a big superman fan. I caught the last one on DVD.

    But found this to be brilliant.

    Cast from top to bottom is nigh on perfect. Superman Returns was badly cast but not this one. Liked the realistic treatment of superman as an Alien with fear suspicion etc.

    Synder for me is all style no substance but here he's patient and ramps it up when he should. The final battle was quite Avengers-esque though.

    Big shout out to Cavill though who is brilliant. Kudos to Costner, Lane and Shannon too.

    This and Pacific Rim are the films of the summer so far.


    I never ever want to see the superman orgin story done ever again, bloody sick of it.

    Some scenes where the physics/weight seemed a bit off. Namely parts of the climatic battle and the A10-Warthog sequence

    Subnote: The Mrs has also watched After Earth the new Will/Jaden Smith sci-fi today and said it was pretty good.
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