#9568984, By sirtacos Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    Life of Pi

    Visually spectacular, despite an over-reliance on ropey CGI.
    Aside from some arresting scenes - a lifeboat drifting in an ocean of stars, for example - I thought that the best-looking parts took place in Pondicherry, at the beginning.

    (The effects look good, but often lack weight and seem 'wrong'.
    I think they alternated between live action and CG for Richard Parker: at times he is utterly convincing, and yet at others, he looks like he stumbled straight off a Star Wars prequel.
    Also, the whale looked ridiculous).

    The novel is immeasurably better, as is often the case. The film lacks dramatic weight and loses a hell of a lot in the translation. Still, it's a good visual representation of the book, and it does retain some of its spirit.

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