#9619022, By Rate the last film you watched out of 100

  • Deleted user 3 June 2013 22:36:10
    World War Z 7/10

    Brilliant and frustrating in equal measures.

    As a lover of the book this film borrows the premise and the title only.

    There are some scenes in this where your jaw will just drop. Amazing realisation of what a zombie outbreak in the millions would look like. It really does at times as the outbreak unfolds astound and the first 45 min is pretty intense.


    The biggest gripe I have is that there is an astounding lack of threat to nearly all the scenes. Scenes which should be terrifying are neutered and watered down for a PG13 audience. Prometheus had a similar problem.

    There's no blood no gore, and scenes which should be nasty are ejected completely for a family friendly version. It could and should have been fucking terrifying. Dialogue too is also join the dots stuff, its as if they have to explain each scene before it happens.

    The last 15 min and the wrap up is pretty awful. Its blatantly obvious that for all the grand ideas they had no idea how to conclude the narrative of the film.

    Would still go and watch it again at the flicks though, parts of this NEED to be watched on the cinema screen.
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