#9659624, By Toonster Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    Man of Steel - 7/10

    Decent flick, first half was pretty good and Henry Cavill did well playing Superman. I didn't even mind Michael Shannon's crazy scream-acting. Russell Crowe's performance was a pleasant surprise.

    Then the second half happens, and all the emotional weight and character development that built up over the previous half of the film is thrown out the window. The action was still fun and I was entertained almost the whole time, but what could have been an amazing second half was hindered by bad dialogue, some weird leaps in logic, and action scenes that got a little too repetitive.

    Overall, though, a fun watch, and probably Zach Snyder's best film so far.

    edit: oh, most disappointing part was probably the score. I liked the main theme, but other than that, it was a generic mish-mash of Hans Zimmer's previous work on Inception and The Dark Knight.

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