#9660649, By Max_Powers Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    I was on two loooooonnng airplane trips to the US and back:

    This is the End 5/10

    Really funny first half destroyed by a completely boring 2nd half. This would have been much more fun as an all out contemporary parody of Hollywood without the end of the world 'plot'.

    Warm Bodies 5/10

    Destroys its own internal logic at every turn making this a movie I really couldn't care about.

    The Master 7/10

    Beautifully shot, great direction and fantastic acting but didn't do anything for me emotionally.

    Side Effects 7/10

    Decent but not spectacular thriller.

    Old Boy 8/10

    Never got round to watching this before. Highlight was a fantastic fight scene seen from the side that is a complete one take and quite amazing.
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