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    This Is The End - 8/10

    A real, genuine surprise. The film is laugh out loud funny and is very good from beginning to end.

    Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel play themselves in a plot where they end up at a party at James Franco's house. Only to find out that the apocalypse has arrived. This film is filled with celebrities who play themselves and they are all very self-deprecating.

    From the people who bought you Pineapple Express and Superbad. Even if you don't like these films (I hate Superbad), this one is really very good. It's full of low level humour with no bodily function left untouched but it's very funny.

    The films also pretty interesting for a couple of other reasons.

    The effects aren't just an afterthought. There's a lot of money up there on screen and the effects are up there with your big budget blockbusters.

    What's even more surprising is that if you like the look of the film from the trailer, they've left all the good bits out. It's much funnier and ruder than the trailer makes out and it's a genuine surprise to see a film where it's not all been given away in the trailer.
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