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    Snow White and the Huntsman

    An excellent retelling of the Snow White fairy tale. The tone is more that of a fantasy adventure, but it still maintains the magic of a fairy tale. It has all the requisite components, the fair damsel, the hero, the evil step-mother. Although I did disagree with the mirror, Snow White wasn't the fairest in the land, but no matter :-)

    The story differs in many details, but that makes it a more interesting narrative. The story starts with Snow White as a child, her father, the king rides to meet an army of darkness (who are pretty cool by the way) and in defeating them rescues a young woman. The young woman is of course the evil step mother, who murders the king and seizes the kingdom.

    To say more would spoil the story, I have to admit I wasn't greatly convinced at the start, it was ok, a fun watch, but nothing more. Once the hunt begins it improves rapidly and ends as a cracking film. Everyone plays their part well and there's some great characters in there. The dwarves stood out for me, much better than those in the hobbit. The glass shard beasts are also very cool.

    All in all this is a fun adventure, filled with magical moments and well worth a watch.

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