#2736841, By tannerd Football Manager 2008 Is The HARDEST GAME EVER!

  • tannerd 23 Oct 2007 12:59:57 2,691 posts
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    I don't think it helps that you always start off as an unknown - no-one likes you and the team morale is pretty shot through.

    The damn advisor won't go away - it was useful the first time, but in some places you can't turn it off (for that specific section).

    Mind you, the scouting of your next opponent is better - I like the hints in terms of tactics. The speed of the game feels quicker too.

    I'm playing as Blackburn as well, and I've found that playing quick tempo, attacking football seems to do us well. Occasionally I stick the tackling on Hard, but I've had a few red cards with that, so use it sparingly.

    Or you could always save before the game and reload afterwards if you don't do well. Gives you another chance to change your tactics/adjust your style.
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