#2745123, By BEAR-ONE Has Halo3 killed my GPU?

  • BEAR-ONE 25 Oct 2007 15:36:37 77 posts
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    Tried to play some H3 the other evening in an attempt to somehow finish the game one day (between work and the baby who's got a cold Halo3 is at a standstill here). Barely a few seconds into the game, after quite a lengthy load time, the picture was starting to flicker in places.

    After a while I was getting streaks all over the place, that looked like the console was'nt drawing all the textures or something. As I was walking around with the machine gun, firing at the flood turned my screen into a mess of streaking arrows and lines. Battling the flood when your 360 is on LCD is NOT an easy feet.

    I quit the game, and tried to restart. The same thing happened. What was weird is that the blue landscape that makes the background to the menus started having the streaks also. It looked a bit like funky lightning.

    Quitting to the Dashboard. Some flickers, but much less than in game.

    Rebooted the 360. The Xbox logo appears like a rising sun with sunrays blasting all over the place.

    I cleared the cache, changed video settings to 720p and back. At one point doing this helped, but a quick go at Halo3 brought the problem back like mad.



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