#3199954, By femalegamer Gran turismo 4 vs Forza 2

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    JYM60 wrote:
    femalegamer wrote:
    disc wrote:
    femalegamer wrote:
    Forza 2 is the superior game. It is an absolutely brilliant.

    You are a woman and you are wrong.

    The Fact that i am female has nothing to do with my opinion, check out my achievements on my gamertag :0P. Sorry 1950's man am i not allowed an opinion ? I have played grand turismo and used to love it till it became boring and predictable. Forza has the edge as it has superior game play. Grand turismo 5 is grand turismo 4 but in HD so enjoy.

    If you call it Grand turismo you are either a fucking idiot or female.

    In your case both. Fucking female idiot.

    Sorry Sir cuntface i stand corrected. It makes no odds anyway the game is still fucking shit and your an arrogant male twat.
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